Nút chuông gọi y tá RB5-1NWH-P

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Xuất xứ: Hàn Quốc

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Mô tả


•  Battery Life Time : more than 50,000 times

•  Stable Transmission guarantee(by adopting FSK Transmission)

•  Using high-brightness LED for device identification

•  Reduction in current consumption through the battery-circuit control technology

•  Improve wireless environment through the RF Transmission-circuit control technology

•  Extended durability because thin and light

•  Look good anywhere 16.5mm slim design

Size 100W×60L×16.5H (mm)
Weight About 46g
Color Snow White
RF Transmitter(FSK Low Power Data Transmission Standard)
Freq 400Mhz Band
Battery CR2032 Coin cell 1EA
Antenna Built-in Helical Antenna
Other detail Transmission Type : Omnidirectional (360˚)

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